Keith’s Top Ten Travel Tools

1. I won’t even leave the house with out my iPod. I’m currently using the newest version, an iTouch 16GB iPod that contains music, podcasts and my address book. But most people, IMHO, have overlooked the best feature of the new iTouch…the ability to store and present in stunning detail a gallery of photos (I have more than 220 on mine). In addition to having all of the sex but none of the commitment of an iPhone, the iTouch is the best tool for on-the-fly, soundtracked slide shows.

2. Bose screaming baby canceling headset. Let’s face it, air travel in America has become a living hell. Life inside the silver tube has become extreme and noise is the culprit. Bose Quiet Comfort IIs (over-ear, noise cancelling headphones) coupled with the right play list (See “Keith’s Escape from Airport Hell” in the iMix section of the iTunes store.) can completely eliminate screeching babies and bizfolk/engine drone. Also, as my eyes have gotten older and the airplane air dryer I find reading more difficult on long flights. Enter the podcast. I have several favorites which I’ll detail in an upcoming top ten list. Below 10,000 feet I just listen to the voices in my head (it still screws up the navigational equipment but no one can tell where it’s coming from).

3. Macbook Pro 17 inch laptop. At the risk of starting a computer jihad, the MBP 17 is my benchmark for laptops. It’s great for editing photos on road. It contains all my important data and I can’t imagine being anywhere in th world without it. The two main problems I encounter are a screen that it’s too big to open in coach and the power ports on most planes don’t have enough horsepower to run the computer and charge the battery at the same time. This can result in the power port being shut down if you don’t remove the battery and just run the machine.

4. Moleskine notebooks. I usually carry a large one for mindmapping and two small ones. One of the small ones I use as a “catch” to capture data that’s just easier to write down than enter into an electronic device. I’m experimenting with a second small one to serve as a “thought log”. I’ve never been a journal keeper but the idea of scribbling down errant thoughts as they flow through my head is appealing (I’m not ADD…just curious about many, many things). Moleskines are expensive which may explain why I’ve never lost one. Ever.

5. Conklin pens. These make the Moleskines work. Again, not cheap but I’ve never lost one and they are guaranteed for life. The clasps work particularly well with black t-shirts which I tend to wear a lot. And the brightly colored, acrylic bodies don’t disappear when dropped in a black computer or camera bag. Several of the Conklins come in large sizes and will take a widely available, Parker gel refill (medium tip). Hemingway is said to have favored Conklins so it’s good to have that mojo when I’m tracking my thought log.

the next five tk

stay tuned



~ by keithphilpott on October 24, 2007.

3 Responses to “Keith’s Top Ten Travel Tools”

  1. As for me, I never step onto an airplane without a small candle in a jar. I can’t burn it on the plane — DRAT! — but I can light up as soon as I hit a hotel room. Even beautiful rooms in nice hotels are impersonal, and having a nice touch from home helps create a cozy atmosphere, emits a lovely fragrance and literally clears the stale air.

    As for the plane ride, I can’t do without my low-tech word puzzle books and a couple of nice sharp #2 pencils with clean erasers. Oh, yes, and my iPod, with blaring Stones music nicely cancelling out all cabin noise.


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