Record shots: More noise than signal

For lack of a better term record shots have come to mean photographs that do little more than record what’s in front of the lens at capture. Many closets (now hard drives) are brimming with record shots. Birthdays, new houses, vacations….all an exact record of what was before the camera as the button was pushed.

Over 150 years of history, (professionally produced) photography has moved beyond the record shot. Commercial and editorial photography is now used to interpret situations and produce imagery that can tell stories. Even “pure” documentary shooters approach their subjects with agendas, selecting only those slices of “reality” that support the story.

OK, nothing new here. Why bring it up? Because I keep seeing all these record shots. Like some weird, visual Energizer Bunny, all manner of record shots keep showing up in professional communication channels. The endless well promised by the long tail of the web seemed to put no capacity limits on meeting pictures, event photography and other photographic drivel.

If you’re plugging up your communication channels with things like record shots you will lose your audience (probably gone already). The engaged audience you planned for in your goal-setting has left the building and it’s going to take some serious by-pass surgery to open up the channel.

More to follow here on audience expectations.



~ by keithphilpott on November 8, 2007.

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