Nikon D3 arriving soon

I just received word that my Nikon D3 body will be shipping Monday or Tuesday. I’m pumped about the new body for a couple of reasons. Nikon’s first full-frame sensor SLR means all that expensive wide angle glass becomes…wide angle again. Also, this machine promises to deliver superb low-light images. IMHO, this has been the visual, Achilles heel of digital photography….the ability to produce noise free images at low light levels. The super-saturated scenes that a tripod and 100 ASA transparency film could produce are missed. I doubt that the D3 will take us back to those days but maybe we’ll get a taste.

I have some corporate projects coming up in December that will be perfect for the D3. I’ll post my impressions of the D3 as soon as I’ve had a chance to use it a while.



~ by keithphilpott on November 28, 2007.

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