You shooting you

I attended one of the Santa Fe Photo workshops last week and gained some interesting insight on self-portraits. According to our instructor, Jay Maisel (living photography legend and national treasure) there are many reasons to shoot self-portraits. The subject is always available and will work cheap which takes some of the logistics out of the equation. But more importantly, images you capture of yourself will take on more value as time passes. Seemingly uninteresting photos today gain historical significance tomorrow because as the world changes the information in the photo can take on new meaning. 

I have recently started to re-think the self-portrait. For the longest time it seemed to be such a narcissistic pursuit.  That probably hasn’t changed but I have adopted the pro self-portrait approach. Any chance to practice the craft is an opportunity to learn something …..and maybe create a few historical documents along the way. 

more workshop images


~ by keithphilpott on July 31, 2008.

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