Hoist the freak flag

If you have an upcoming car or plane trip I recommend downloading Mariette DiChristina’s incisive look into the creative process, “Brainstorm: Using Science to Spark Maximum Creativity”. One reoccurring theme in the book is the idea that we are all born with creative talent. But conventional educational wisdom rewards conformity, following the rules and staying in one’s box…all potential enemies of creative thought.

According to DiChristina, by the time students reach the second or third grade thinking creatively has been pushed aside by a more linear approach governed by established rules and regulations. In other words, don’t color outside the lines or be labeled misfit. 

But immunity from convention has an unfurling affect on one’s freak flag. By accepting that they are not part of the mainstream, contrarian students (the ones with the weird clothes) feel freer to exercise their creative pursuits.



~ by keithphilpott on August 20, 2008.

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