The duality of cameras in public places

Someone please help me understand this.

The odds are pretty good that if you are in a public place right now you’re being observed by at least one security camera (more like a dozen if you’re in the U.K.). Everyone seems to be comfortable with this….the popular logic being that if you’re not comfortable with it you must be up to mischief.

Now, here’s the part I’m having trouble with. If you as a private citizen pull out a camera and start photographing in that same public place increasingly you may draw suspicious stares. If you look like a professional photographer (whatever that looks like) you stand a good chance of being interrogated by security or law enforcement personnel. And, If you make the mistake of doing this in a pseudo public space (like a shopping center)…..make sure your attorney is on speed dial. (See link to London Telegraph article. Thanks to Photography Bay for birddogging the piece.)

So, am I off the hook if I leave my Nikon D3 at home and use a security camera when shooting in public spaces?



~ by keithphilpott on August 22, 2008.

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