LP’s Blue List highlights great travel photography

There is something about being on the road that induces itchy shutter finger. I think it’s the freedom of travel  coupled with the stimulation of new surroundings that causes the photographer section of the brain to light up. That urge to document the journey is strong enough to lead many aspiring photographers down the path to professional photography.  To that I say, rock on….but with one caveat. 

The competition is stiff.

If you’re wondering how stiff I urge you to pick up a copy of The Lonely Planet’s “Blue List: The Best in Travel 2008.” I am stunned at the quality of photographs in this book. Usually books like this have a few outstanding photos supported by a large cast of also-rans. I couldn’t find anything but A selects in the Blue List…I wish I had taken them all.

The Blue List is great for planning a trip, too.



~ by keithphilpott on August 23, 2008.

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