Arctic Butterfly leaves sex life unimproved

OK, I know what you’re thinking…that this is some Eskimo variant of the Venus Butterfly, the mystery sex trick made popular in the 80s hit L.A. Law. Well, there’re no lawyers and no sex but this thing is a pretty slick way to clean your sensor…the one in your digital SLR.

One of the first rude lessons I learned about digital photography was the tiny clods of dirt that began dotting my skies. A $5,000 camera and now dust on the sensor was creating lots of extra spotting chores with the PS cloning tool. 

So, when I saw an Arctic Butterfly (made by Visible Dust)  in the Santa Fe Workshops camera shop it caught my attention….but I was immediately confused by it. It has a bright LED designed to illuminate the dust on a sensor, that made sense. But when you flip the switch the opposite direction the flat brush (this is what cleans the sensor) spins with such force as to fling the bristles into a perfect circle.

I just couldn’t see how sticking this whirling brush into the depths of an expensive camera would end in a good way. In fact, it won’t.

The spin cycle is how the Arctic Butterfly cleans itself and maintains/develops a static charge and you do this OUTSIDE the camera.  Now, when you sweep the clean brush across the sensor it catches dust and dumps it outside the camera during the spin.  

I don’t think the Arctic Butterfly will replace a “wet” sensor cleaning but I think it’ll work for light cleaning. Just don’t turn it on inside the camera. Did I remember to say, don’t turn it on in the camera?

$99 from Roberts Distributing


~ by keithphilpott on August 31, 2008.

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