Media meltdown is creating some gems

More than a few have described the apparent breakdown of legacy media’s business model as a slow motion train wreck. And, I haven’t heard many ideas about what the new business model will look like as technology reorders our consumption of information. However, there are some clues. 

Surf on over to <> and you’ll get a preview of what media is increasingly starting to look like. Radio guy Leo Lapport has put together an amazing collection of podcasts, blogs and streaming video from his DIY studio in Petaluma, CA. 

I first started listening to his Mac Break Weekly podcast, or net casts as Lapport calls them. I have always been a talk radio fan so listening to the podcasts in the car seemed natural. Later, I added Net@Night where Lapport teams with Canadian tech reporter Amber MacArthur. My most recent addition from the TWiT family is the twice weekly sat phone podcasts Lapport does with Roz Savage. (Savage is currently just off the Hawaiian islands about to finish the first leg of her trans-Pacific voyage in a rowboat <>.) 

The thing I like most about podcasts is that when you park the car you don’t have to sit there with the key on waiting for the story to finish…you just take it with you. And you can take it on the plane or on a walk. 

Welcome to the future.


~ by keithphilpott on September 2, 2008.

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