Gear: objects of desire

The music is faint at first.

Your wish list of photo equipment is a pragmatic one. Each item a tool making possible the achievement of a photographic goal. But at some point the signal is overcome by noise. This is the siren song of equipment acquisition….a marketer’s dream but a photogapher’s nightmare.

At some point in our evolutionary journey nature selected for collectors. Even though we can’t really keep ourselves from collecting we do have control over what we collect.

Think more about what it (the gear) does rather than what it is. The gear is a tool enabling you to realize your creative vision. This is often a struggle because we are curious animals attracted to shiny new stuff…even if it’s useless.

I like the idea of collecting experiences rather than things. Most experiences come bundled with a photo-op and you get the added benefit of a firmware update for your mind. Grow your mind, grow your pictures.


~ by keithphilpott on September 11, 2008.

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