The perfect bag

There’s a scene in the movie “McKenna’s Gold” where Gregory Peck rides through a hidden slot canyon finding his way into a fabled valley full of gold. Up to this point, Peck’s character, Marshal McKenna, doesn’t believe the golden valley exists but is forced by the gangster Colorado (Omar Sharif) to search for it anyway. As his eyes take it in he struggles to wrap his mind around it.

Last week I felt a little like Gregory Peck (sans horse and Omar) emerging from a little slot canyon into the valley of the perfect camera bags. Yes, such a place exits. It’s called Thinktank and it’s here <;

I took Thinktank’s Airport Security v2.0 on it’s first road trip last week and I believe it’s the perfect bag (for me). It looks like a standard rollaboard and fits wheels first in the overhead on an MD-80 (the acid test for me). It holds plenty of gear including a small, carbon fiber tripod I use for traveling. I could also get all my clothes in eliminating the need for checking. 

It rolls with two fingers, perfectly balanced through the airport. Even with the heavy computer bag attached this thing felt self-propelled. The inside can be configured for almost any combination of equipment and gear. This version also has backpack straps that pop out of a zippered compartment (I can’t imagine using these but who knows).

I’ll be hammering this bag as well as the smaller, Airport International v2.0 (designed for the slightly smaller, international flight restrictions) in coming months. Stay tuned.


~ by keithphilpott on September 23, 2008.

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