Photographer fantasy

Most photographers I know have a common fantasy. It’s hitting the road.

I’m not talking about stowing your fluids in a baggy, having some TSA zealot snap on the blue gloves and then squeezing into the middle seat on the silver tube from hell. I’m talking about a real road trip, William Least-Heat-Moon style <;. Out there on the highway, in America.

You need a vehicle for this kind of thought exercise. I alternate between two; the Dodge Sprinter van and the venerable Airstream trailer. 

The Sprinter (actually a Mercedes product) is relatively new on the US scene and can be purchased in multiple configurations. I like the smaller versions with a 3.0 liter turbo diesel (20 highway mpg rating). And since I’m fantasizing here’s how I want the interior configured <; But I’d want a white exterior. This is the perfect rig for a photographer cruising around the country making photos. You could sneak that puppy into the Hampton Inn parking lot and maybe even snag a free breakfast the next morning. 

Since the Airstream is not technically a vehicle you’d need a tow vehicle. In my own thought travels I just leave this part blank, choosing to focus on the Airstream itself. How can you not like an Airstream?  They alternate between looking like escape pods from a boring life and Kevin Costner’s makeup trailer…I’m never sure which. 

Even the old ones are visually appealing.I like Mary Sundstrom’s Airstream Art Gallery <; Or, check out Patio Joe’s rig here   <;

The Airstream is a little more of a commitment. You need someplace to park it and towing a trailer has it’s drawbacks. 

Both are fun little fantasies. 



~ by keithphilpott on November 6, 2008.

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