Sensor dust: search and destroy

I’ve figured out the “destroy” part of getting rid of sensor dust on my camera.  But….you can’t destroy what you can’t see.

Despite repeated cleanings I was still getting dust spots in my beautiful blue skies on both Nikon D3 bodies. Shining a light into the mirror box while checking the sensor with a magnifying glass was almost impossible. _kep3621 Visible Dust <; has a lighted loupe made for exactly this purpose but with shipping and handling this goes for about $100. I was trying to get something a little cheaper. 

My first stop was the fly fishing department at Cabella’s <; where I found a clip on magnifier ($29.00) for a ball cap. I attached a clip on LED flashlight I already had and my dust busting rig was complete for a lot less than the sensor loupe. It looks a little strange but works great.



~ by keithphilpott on November 6, 2008.

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