There’s never a security camera around when you need one

OK, let me say right up front I’m not a security expert. I do know a  little about cameras but security is not my field. Having said that, it DOES seem like the world could use a few extra security cameras on ships passing within 500 miles of  Somali waters. I mean if one camera can prevent the average U.K. pub-goer from peeing on the side of a building on his way home just imagine what a whole bunch on a ship could accomplish.

LIke I said, security is not my bag but what IF all the ships passing through this part of the world were outfitted with cameras to watch their respective perimeters? Call me ignorant but it seems like cheaper a solution than an armada of military ships patrolling the region. The cameras could be watched by the ship’s personnel but more importantly they could be monitored by security software that would detect changes in static situations. Third party security organizations could also be used to monitor a ship’s camera feed via satellite. Early detection of a breach would give the crew time to repel boarders with water canons, sonic weapons or any other non-firearm deterrent. 

I’d trade fewer cameras at the mall and more at the Horn of Africa any day of the week.


~ by keithphilpott on April 10, 2009.

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