Adios, dead tree media

Last night I officially said goodbye to paper books as I reached the bottom of the to-read stack (Oracle Bones by Peter Hessler) and switched over to my Kindle2 (The Man Who Loved China by Simon Winchester). I have mixed feelings about the switch.  As a consumer, I couldn’t be more thrilled but  as a photographer the passing of print means the primary outlet for my work is going away.

 The Kindle2 is IMHO the ultimate text delivery vehicle  but it’s not even in the running as a device suitable for displaying photographs and I don’t expect future gens to be much better. Right now books offer the best combination of distribution and display capabilities for still photography. Perhaps printed books will become to new media what live theatre has become in a world dominated by movies and television. Or, maybe once a business model emerges photography will  have  a growing role in new media.

The answer to this question may come sooner rather than later. Apple’s rumored device <; could become the ultimate photo delivery vehicle. Prints and books will never totally go out of style but I’m expecting a game-changing piece of technology soon.


~ by keithphilpott on April 15, 2009.

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