Baby tigers on the Today’s Show

It was cool to see the baby white tigers on the Today’s Show this morning. This was nicely timed as the book “Tiger Pups” goes on sale tomorrow. They’re almost a year old now and certainly not babies anymore. They are so much larger than the last time I was with them. The photo here is one of my favorites even though it didn’t make the book.

Baby tiger, Caney, KS

Baby tiger, Caney, KS

I like the photo because it has a strange look to it. Part of that is the orientation. I shot it as a horizontal and the tiger is actually lying down in the chair. When I rotated it into a vertical the tiger suddenly looks like she is standing. Plus, the light now appears to be coming from the side and  a little below. The light for this shot is a large monolight strobe place near the ceiling in the corner of the room.


~ by keithphilpott on June 25, 2009.

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