Instruction manuals on my Kindle2


I have a box full of camera and photo equipment manuals in my gear closet that’s starting to look like the national archive. As the complexity of the equipment has grown, so too has the amount of dead tree media needed to explain how to operate it.
With Nikon’s D3x operating manual approaching one inch in thickness, it has reached the tipping point of what I’m willing to carry with me on the road. I don’t look at the manuals every day but when I need to check something…I really need to check something.
I was pretty excited when I downloaded Nikon’s SB-900 manual in PDF form and was able to upload it to my Kindle2 (Amazon charged about $.50 to do this). I immediately downloaded the D3 and D3x manuals but when I tried to upload to my Kindle2 nothing happened. It took me a while to figure out that this is because the D3 and D3x manuals are encrypted. I was able to copy/paste a version of the manual into a word doc and then upload that as a PDF but the illustrations were stripped out.
As more and more people carry e-reading devices like the Kindle, manufacturers should consider making their manuals available in a compatible format. It’s green, it makes sense and consumers want it.


~ by keithphilpott on July 27, 2009.

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