Easter in July

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Self portrait with Easter Island Moai

See photos from the eclipse on Easter Island here


iPhone + Plastic Bullet = perfect picture storm

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Even though I’m a fan boy I didn’t get my first iPhone until a couple of weeks ago. (I think it was the iPad that pushed me to the iPhone but that’s another post). Just after I got the phone I heard Alex Lindsay talking about an iPhone app on Macbreak Weeklly. The app replicates the view created by the Holga plastic toy camera when used with the iPhone’s camera. In short, I got it, shot it and can’t stop. Here are a few from Toronto while I was attending IABC’s World Conference this week.

Friend and fellow shooter Suzanne Salvo

iPhone shot, scooter on Queen Street

iPhone shot, Plastic Bullet software

iPhone shot with Plastic Bullet software

DIY iPad cradle from cup sleeve

•April 29, 2010 • 1 Comment

Now it's lean forward

Two Starbucks cup sleeves and you're in business

Part of the deal with the iPad is that you don’t have to take along a lot of other stuff when you’re traveling. Bringing the stock cradle or the keyboard cradle is more stuff.  Two Starbucks sleeves with trimmed notches will hold the iPad at the perfect angle for viewing a movie. Ditto, if you want to use an Apple bluetooth keyboard (which has a much slimmer profile that the keyboard dock).  In version 1.0 the Philpott Coffee Sleeve Tablet Holder is still not as stable as I’d like.  I’m planning to add a third sleeve to the rig on my next visit to Starbucks.

Folding iPad keyboard, I can dream can’t I?

•April 8, 2010 • 3 Comments

Folding Palm keyboard....I guy can dream.

Trying to travel with an old Palm V as one’s only device comes about as close to an exercise in futility as I can think of. But, man, did I love that folding keyboard. It was the Optimus Prime of input devices . The Palm keyboard plugged into a docking system similar to Apple’s docking keyboard for the iPad…..with one huge difference.  After a satisfying series of clicks it folded up into a bundle just larger than a deck of cards. Folding and unfolding it was way more fun than actually typing on it.

Which brings me to my point. How cool would it be to have a folding keyboard for the  iPad. I just got my Apple docking keyboard and I can already tell it’s going to be a stay-at-home kind of device. I want something that transforms from a full-sized keyboard into a folded roamer that fits in the “top” pocket on a ScotteVest.

Run, iPad. Run.

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The iPad seems like a natural tool for folks who like to chase funnel clouds. Coupled with a Sprint or Verizon Mi-Fi card you get great real time radar for ferreting out those pesky hook echos. Also, the map function serves as a faux GPS device (cell tower triangulation) to get you close to the action. The missing piece in this rig is a way to mount the iPad to your vehicle’s dash or console. The perfect storm-chasing outfit would be a Garmin Nuvi running on the left side of the windshield and Weatherbug’s radar feed running on the iPad mounted low on the right side of the dash.

Finally, the iPad is here

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Coffee and the morning paper.

I can’t tell you how many times I almost peed my pants waiting for the iPad arrive. I had extremely high expectations about the device and after using it for 24 hours I have found few things to complain about. As a photographer, I was primarily concerned about how the iPad would show photos. The color is stunning. The slides shows are quick. And, I love how you can sort through the photos and then flip it over to show to someone sitting across from you. The accelerometer detects the orientation change and shows the photo in the correct position. This is the perfection confluence of presentation size and portability. Stay tuned.

Springtime in the rectangular states

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Radarscope running on an iTouch 4/2/10